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Justice of the Peace
Teri Nunley
Justice of the Peace Pct 1


Office Location:
204 E. San Antonio (Historical Court House) second floor
Mailing  Address:
201 E. San Antonio #20-A
Boerne, Texas 78006
Contact Information and Office Hours:
Phone: 830-331-8258 
Fax: 830-249-7046




General Office Hours:           
8:00 A.M.-12:00 noon / 1:00 P.M.-4:00 P.M.

To determine which Precinct provides service to your address, click here.


Our office is back open to the public!  We ask that you continue to wear a face mask, use hand sanitizer and complete the temperature scan right inside the door before coming upstairs to the court area for everyone's safety. 





The court cannot give legal advice!  It is recommended that you consult an attorney if you are unsure of how you are wanting to handle your case.  This court CANNOT speak to anyone about another person's citation. 




Any persons under the age of 17 years old, you must appear with a parent or guardian.  You must call to make an appointment to speak with the Judge about your citation in open court.  




Cash or personal checks are not accepted.

To pay with a credit card online or by phone: contact certified payments at 1-866-549-1010 or go to Certified Payments webpage.   

    When paying a citation for Precinct 1, you must use bureau code 3740102.  This bureau code is for Precinct 1       payments only.   If you remit payment to this bureau code for another precinct citation, your payment will be         refunded and your case may fall delinquent in the correct court.  


·                     A plea of NO CONTEST means that you do not contest the State’s charge(s) against you but are not admitting guilt and agree to pay the fine/costs assessed by the judge. 

·                     A plea of GUILTY means that you do not contest the State’s charge(s) against you and admit guilt and agree to pay the fine/costs assessed by the judge. 

·                     A plea of NOT GUILTY and you would have to decide either a trial by judge waiving my right to a jury trial or trial by jury.  This means that you intend to contest the charge(s) against you. Your case will be rescheduled for trial and you will be mailed notice of when to appear for a pre-trial hearing.


Ø    Pay citation in full:  Appear in person, pay online, or mail in payment.  Submitting full payment for your fine and costs constitutes a plea of no contest and the offense will be reported as a conviction. 

Ø    Extension to pay in full:  Enter your plea in writing and submit it to the court by your due date.  The offense will be reported as a conviction.  You will be given 30 days to pay in full.  If not paid within 30 days a $15.00 time-payment fee will be added.

Ø    Driving Safety Course (DSC):See DSC-Driver Safety Course link below.  You may be eligible for a driver safety course to satisfy your traffic citation.  Eligibility and information are in the DSC link below

Ø    Deferred Disposition (probation):See Deferred Disposition link below. 

Ø    Dismissals:  Potential dismissals for such offenses as Expired RegistrationExpired Driver License, or Defective Equipment may be dismissed if you remedy the defect (if expired registration you must pay the penalty fee with the tax assessor's office), submit in paper form (photos or receipts) to the court either by the 20th day after your citation date or by the "on or before" date listed on your citation which these dismissals carry a $10.00 dismissal fee.  If you were cited for No Insurance and you had current insurance the date AT THE TIME OF YOUR TRAFFIC STOP, you may present proof of your insurance to the court for a dismissal with no dismissal fee.  If you did not have current insurance at the time of your traffic stop, your case CANNOT be dismissed. 

Ø    Alternatives to Payment of Fines and Costs: See Alternative to Payment of Fines and Costs link below 


Traffic Forms:


Driving Safety Course.docx

Deferred Disposition

Alternatives to Payment of Fines and Costs.docx





The court cannot give legal advise!  It is recommended that you consult an attorney if you are unsure of how you are wanting to handle your case. 


When filing a civil case, you must file it in the correct precinct, the court does not determine which precinct is correct for your situation.  Please read the civil filing information provided below for the type of civil filing you are seeking or you can use this interactive map if you are looking within Kendall County.  


For ALL OUT OF COUNTY service, it is the plaintiff's responsibility to determine who will be serving the civil paperwork for the case he/she is bringing before the court.  


This court processes the petition, issues the civil citation and sends it with your separate check to who you specify for service.  Verify the amount of service when verifying who will be serving your documents.


The plaintiff must call or look up who will serve the civil citation and provide all pertinent information to the court along with a SEPERATE check made payable to whomever will be serving the documents.  Service fees vary from county to county, make sure you know the correct amount to submit.  



For Kendall County only:  To determine which Precinct provides service to your address, Click Here


EVICTIONS FILING FEE:  $46.00           

FEES FOR SERVICE: $85.00 (per person being served)



FEES FOR SERVICE: $85.00 (per person being served)




***ALIAS CITATION FEE $25.00 request to be submitted with fee prior to issuance

*** 2ND OR MORE REPLACEMENT DOCUMENT FEE $10.00 request to be resubmitted with fee prior to issuance 



Civil Forms:

Filing an Eviction Case Information

Filing a Small Claims Case- Information

When Someone has filed a Small Claims against you- information

When a Debit Claim has been Filed against You- Information

Affidavit of Issuance of Bad Check
Petition -- Small Claims

Petition -- Eviction Case

Procedures and Sworn Complaint for Eviction for Threat to Person

COVID-19 Tenant Declaration Form

Marriage Ceremonies:


Judge Nunley happily preforms marriage ceremonies.  Judge Nunley charges $100.00 in cash for preforming marriage ceremonies.  You must present valid identification for both parties, your marriage license, and payment at the time of the ceremony. 


Judge Nunley proudly serves our Military personnel at no charge. 


Please contact for scheduling and information.


* Judge Nunley is not currently preforming any marriage ceremonies outside of our office and is not available for Friday, Saturday or Sunday ceremonies.


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